Oct 16, 2013

Gesture Drawing with Alex Woo and Louis Gonzales

Today I started taking the Gesture Drawing with Alex Woo and Louis Gonzales course at Schoolism.
Lectures are given by Alex Woo and students get personalized feeback by Louis Gonzales.

Link: Schoolism

Sep 30, 2013


September 30, 2013

Folks, I haven't had any time at all during the past months, but here I am to tell you that thanks to the group Ilustradores Argentinos I will be part of a group of 100 illustrators to exhibit our works at 12th edition of TRIMARCHI, the International Meeting of Graphic Design, which is going to take place at the Estadio Polideportivo of Mar Del Plata, during October 4, 5 and 6. Each illustrator will be represented by one of their works and in my case, the illustration selected to the exhibit is The Golden Boys.

Here's the listing of all illustrators and the promo video.
|||| Acá la lista de todos los ilustradores y el su video promocional.

Link: TMDG

Sep 13, 2013


Farmer illustration by Luis María Benítez

Mar 2, 2013

Seinfeld's commitment

Seinfeld illustration by © Luis María Benítez

Who wouldn't be willing to be part of the great ideas of Kramer and Newman?

Feb 2, 2013

El gaucho Don Zoilo

Gaucho - © illustration by Luis María Benítez

Jan 12, 2013

Character for El Mundo de Mo

January 12, 2013

Character created for a project called El Mundo de Mo (Mo's World).

realistic character design / diseño de personaje realista © Luis María Benítez

Here you have the final version (above) which was supposed to have a realistic rendering while at the same time stylized although keeping some proportions to match up the animal's. In the earlier versions (see below) I wanted to use a more caricaturesque approach of the Scarlet Macaw.

Character design process (Scarlet Macaw) / Proceso de diseño de personaje (Guara Roja) © Luis María Benítez

Dec 1, 2012


Vikings / Vikingos 1 illustration © Luis María Benítez

Vikings / Vikingos 2 illustration © Luis María Benítez

Vikings / Vikingos 3 illustration © Luis María Benítez

Nov 18, 2012

The Golden Boys

Here you have an old-fashioned style of illustration I just finished.

Jazz band illustration / Ilustración banda de jazz © Luis María Benítez

And here there are some of the faces I explored for that illustration.

Jazz band sketches / bocetos para ilustración de banda de jazz © Luis María Benítez

Nov 5, 2012

Garbage truck

Garbage truck illustration / Ilustración camión de basura © Luis María Benítez

Nov 1, 2012

Old man

Old man illustration / Ilustración de un viejo © Luis María Benítez


About me
I'm an Argentine illustrator living in Germany. My work for children's illustrations tries to evoke warmth, humor, curiosity, and education. I consider that the versatility and variety of projects are important in my career.

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