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Drawing hands / Dibujando manos

May 22, 2010

Hace ya algunos días que estoy dibujando en lápiz de forma realista para practicar un poco el manejo de texturas, luces y sombras. Aquí pueden ver un dibujo de mi mano. En futuras entradas seguiré mostrando otros dibujos a lápiz.

It's a few days since I've been drawing with pencil in a realistic way to practice a little how to handle with textures, lights and shadows. Here you can see a drawing of my hand. On future posts I'll keep on showing other pencil drawings.


  1. Hi Luis, everything is fine here. I can't believe what you just said, that you are done with pencil! But you are so good...look at this drawing, it is so awesome! It is funny because I am finishing a hand drawing with pencil too lol... But I know I will never get a result like this one. I love pastel but sometimes I get bored and when that happen I have to use another medium. I want to get a result like your cartoon background with photoshop.

    Judy xxx

  2. Enjoy LUis, I hope you have a wonderful celebration!!!!!
    Congratulation for Argentina!!!!


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